Highlights from The Lingerie Collective in NYC: Having Fun with Marika Vera, Dottie’s Delights, Darkest Star and Relique

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When I heard the Lingerie Collective was coming to NYC for Market Week, I was very, very excited– I knew its reputation in London and I thought it would be fantastic to have a small collection of indie designers showing here in New York too. Although smaller than the established US version, I loved the selection of brands that they had, each with their own perspective and incredibly strong design voices.

I’m going to give an overview of my thoughts of the collections from the designers that stood out to me the most: Marika Vera, Dottie’s Delights, Darkest Star and Relique. FYI by Dani Read’s fantastic collection was also on display, but I’ve already talked about how much I adored it at the runway show, so it might be too much to gush over it again.

Marika Vera

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I always liked Marika Vera’s designs and I’ve included them in a few wishlists on the blog, but it was when I saw the new collection that I truly fell in love. The combination of unusual shapes with soft, luxurious fabrics and rich, beautiful colors had me swooning again and again.

Lingerie Collective-18

I love the detailed back of this camisole

Marika herself was absolutely wonderful and we had a fabulous time talking lingerie. It’s always great to find that a designer whose work you admire is also a great person to spend time with.

Lingerie Collective-14

Marika Vera does fantastic things with layering. I would definitely wear this piece as lingerie or outerwear

I also found out that Marika is based in Mexico, which I was excited to learn because I love learning about lingerie designers who aren’t from the well-known lingerie countries like the US, UK, France or Italy. I’m just sorry that Marika isn’t based in NYC so we can’t hang out some more!

Dottie’s Delights

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Dottie’s Delights is one of my favorite vintage-inspired indie brands and I think that the collection gets stronger every season. I’ve had my eye on the Mosh bodysuit for a while and the instant I spotted the zig-zag patterned version I knew it had to be mine (if you feel the same way, they’ll be available in August).

Lingerie Collective-40

The designer, Stephanie Kuhr, is someone I know from numerous Twitter interactions, but she turned out to be just as lovely in person (as were her designs!). Isn’t that sheer zig zag wonderful?

Lingerie Collective-43

The lovely cotton candy color and texture of her pink peignoir robe is even more apparent in person. So fluffy and gorgeous!

Darkest Star

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Ever since I saw Darkest Star featured by Lindsay on That Je Ne Sais Quoi I’ve been excited to see the designs in person. The combination of semi-sheer black scarves and bondage elements is absolutely gorgeous– I love these pieces both as lingerie, outerwear and play pieces.

Lingerie Collective-62

The bondage pillows are also even nicer in real life, with a good weight and soft materials. They’re also very cuddly, which is probably not what you expect from something called a bondage pillow! Definitely a fun and beautiful accessory for any boudoir.


Lingerie Collective-45

The fact that Relique was a brand based in NYC was so clear from their sporty look. I’ve really been liking these less explicitly feminine brands because they show how lingerie doesn’t necessitate a feminine style.

Lingerie Collective-51

Although I’m still waiting for the perfect androgynous/sporty brand with underwire bras, but Relique did have some great soft bra, panty and bodysuit options.

Lingerie Collective-48

These simple pink panties are some of my favorite! They have a great graphic shape that shows how simple can still be stand-out.

Do these brands make you as excited about Fall/Winter 2013 lingerie as I am? Do you have a favorite?

Photos by Nomi Ellenson

  1. This is a great round-up! I’m still trying to wade through all the events and organize everything, and this is great. I may take a page out of your book :) I loved meeting Marika and Stephanie; it’s kind of dazzling to meet such talented-yet-totally-friendly people in person!

  2. I wish I had known about this show – I was in NYC last week. You always have great lingerie recommendations and this post didn’t disappoint. I have never heard of Marika’s line until now. Browsing around her site, she surely had great and unique silhouette.

  3. Great photos! So many of those pieces have me drooling now. I feel like 2013 is going to be a super amazing year for lingerie.

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