Lingerie Fashion Week: FYI by Dani Read ‘Isis’ Collection AW 2013

2013_LFW_1_Ellenson_Nomi (2 of 61)This whole last weekend was a perfect celebration of lingerie that naturally left me absolutely exhausted. I was excited as anyone about the inaugural LingerieFW and the fact that the ‘Isis’ collection by FYI by Dani Read was the first show raised the bar incredibly high. In short: this collection is fantastic.

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Dani Read was actually the first lingerie designer I ever met and the first one who ever reached out to me or invited me anywhere, which means she has a special place in my heart. But ever since she moved out of NYC, I’ve heard only whispers of what she’s been up to, so I had no idea what to expect with this new collection!

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When I heard the theme was inspired by Egypt, I admit I didn’t know what to expect. In my experience, an ‘Ancient Egypt’ theme suggests something full of Cleopatra makeup, Sphinxes and hieroglyphics which just didn’t say ‘FYI by Dani Read’ to me at all! Happily, the moment the show started it was clear that there was no costume-y element at all: the earthy brown and black colors with gold accents really brought to life the idea of an old majestic civilization without turning it into a hokey theme park.

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This bodysuit is one of my favorites– I love the gold stud!

From the moment the show started, I was enthralled. Although I definitely had some  favorites, each look included interesting details and unusual cuts that made them memorable. I though the bodysuits overall were particularly standout and the collaboration with FSM led to some great jewelry and bondage pieces which fit well with the lingerie pieces. She also wove in some of the continuity pieces like the binding brief, which helped show how versatile those pieces could be.

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This show was really fantastic and I really want to get my hands on some of her pieces– there can never be enough bodysuits in my life, never. I really love the growth and change of FYI by Dani Read while still staying true to the tagline “Women are Weapons.” Check out the rest of the photos below:

2013_LFW_1_Ellenson_Nomi (17 of 61)

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I really need this harness! So chic.

2013_LFW_1_Ellenson_Nomi (18 of 61)

2013_LFW_1_Ellenson_Nomi (40 of 61) 2013_LFW_1_Ellenson_Nomi (37 of 61) 2013_LFW_1_Ellenson_Nomi (33 of 61) 2013_LFW_1_Ellenson_Nomi (31 of 61) 2013_LFW_1_Ellenson_Nomi (27 of 61) 2013_LFW_1_Ellenson_Nomi (22 of 61) 2013_LFW_1_Ellenson_Nomi (21 of 61)
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The final nod to Egypt with a gorgeous golden headdress

2013_LFW_1_Ellenson_Nomi (54 of 61)

This is one of my favorite photos– I love how the models really got into character

I would love to hear what you guys think! Do you love FYI by Dani Read as much as I do?

Photos by Nomi Ellenson

  1. It seems like everyone has bodysuits on their mind lately. What a great collection. I agree that Egyptian is hard to do but in this case, it was executed well.

  2. It’s just, wow. I don’t like the beige/light brown as a colour, but this whole collection is just so put together and glorious, i love it.

    my favourite so far.

  3. These ladies look fierce and powerful! This collection really strikes me as being the right mix of elegant and edgy. I mentioned it on Sweet’s blog, but I’ll say it here too: I wish fuller-bust brands would start working on designs like these: straps, chains, and high impact but relatively minimal designs.

    • I totally agree! I think there is so much room for a directional, bondage-y full-bust brand and I’m just waiting for it to happen. One good thing is that a lot of the body chains and stuff are great accessories that can jazz up even a simple black bodysuit.

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