NYFW Lingerie Report: Chromat and La Perla AW2013

Chromat NYFW

This week, I was lucky enough to go to two awesome, but different, lingerie presentations for New York Fashion Week: Chromat and La Perla. It was great to see these shows with all of their gorgeous lingerie (although given my own shyness, I found the crowds of strangers a little intimidating) and I am so glad I get to show you guys a sneak peek into AW2013 lingerie from two wildly different perspectives! I can tell you for a fact that the crowds at these two events could NOT have been more different– it’s fitting that I ran into Arabelle Sicardi of Fashion Pirate at La Perla, because she is literally the only person that I would imagine easily straddling both worlds. (Please excuse the poor quality photographs– I only had my Blackberry for pictures).


Chromat sits at the intersection of lingerie and fashion. Although to me the brand seems to share a lot with the kind of structural concerns I associate with lingerie and corsetry, it’s clearly outerwear which I suppose makes it more appropriate for NY Fashion Week than other brands. I do love any brand that blurs the divide between underwear and outerwear.

Highlights: smilie face dress, gigantic cage outfits, cage shoes(!)

IMG-20130206-00122 IMG-20130206-00120IMG-20130206-00136 IMG-20130206-00135 IMG-20130206-00129

La Perla

You really can’t get any more classic than La Perla when it comes to lingerie that you see here in NYC, and their presentation definitely lived up to those expectations. There were some interesting new pieces very much along the usual La Perla lines– but nothing as innovative as their Jean-Paul Gaultier collaborations, sadly.

Highlights: Because I have expensive taste, I love the feathery thing from La Perla Black Label and that beige lacy babydoll. Happily, La Perla also went for some pretty epic shoes.




La Perla Shoes






What do you think of their collections? Do you prefer La Perla or Chromat?

  1. You are so lucky LL, The best I can do for a lingerie fashion show is make a shopping trip to Victoria’s Secrets.

  2. Chromat is a bit too modern-structuralist for me, and I just find La Perla so sophisticated! I adore the beige slip in the last photo. But I wonder how long those models have to stand there, given the presentation rather than a runway show?! The shoes are unbelievable. I have loved following updates on fashion bloggers’ Instagram accounts as they attend the shows. Thank you for sharing, and hope you’re staying warm!

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