Trend of the Week: Cozy Lingerie to Fight Off the Cold

I don’t know about you, but here in New York City we’ve been having some pretty cold days. So cold, in fact, that my mind has been continually turning to the need for knickers, bras and loungewear that keep out that dreadful chill. Just in case you are suffering from the cold as much as I am, I see it as my duty to share with you some of my favorite comfiest, warmest and just plain coziest lingerie I’m in desperate need of right now:

Naked Princess Lovely Ever After Kimono Robe, $225

I’ve actually been lusting over this Naked Princess robe for some time– doesn’t it look cozy while also being sleek and sophisticated?  This isn’t as much serious warmth as some of my other options, but it’s perfect for wrapping you up when you have to get out of bed in the morning.

Sartoria Cashmere Peach Classic Cut Undies $49.45

Yes, those are cashmere undies! Sartoria has a whole line of upcycled cashmere lingerie on Etsy and these pink panties are some of my favorites. If you want your butt to be warm, I don’t know how you can do better than these. Maybe a Valentine’s Day gift for someone you love who’s not taking the winter cold so well?

Kayleigh Peddie High Waisted Black Velvet Panty and Bandeau, $51.51

Besides cashmere, velvet is the other fabric I associate with coziness. This high-waisted panty and bandeau from Kayleigh Peddie should keep you nice and warm (probably under a robe or sweater dress!).

Zinke On The Road Again Jumper, $99

I adore this Zinke jumper because it’s adorable and looks incredibly soft. While not the warmest (given the open back) I think it would be perfect on a chilly day with a big cardigan and knee high socks.

Eberjey Alpine Classic Robe $178

This Eberjey robe seems ideal for the cold feather. The fleece lined insides are just calling out for me to wrap them around me and I think the teal color is lovely and subtle. Definitely a winter must.

Sartoria Cashmere Garter Belt Longjohns, $180

Another fun cashmere lingerie piece from Sartoria, this is a garter belt that actually comes with long johns! Straddling the  line between sexy lingerie and comfy loungewear, this garter-long john combination is a little bit crazy and a little bit genius.

OhhhLulu Flannel Panties, $30

And finally, cozy OhhhLulu Flannel Panties! I have them in the lumberjack plaid and I think they are the perfect winter panties to brighten up a cold day. They won’t keep you as warm as cashmere, but they’ll keep you cute and cozy!

Are you suffering from the cold as much as I am? What are your favorite cold weather lingerie tips?

  1. I’m from Florida and although this is my third winter, it is my first winter that I’ve realized the importance of warm underthings to keep me warm. Layering really works when it’s done right. I am absolutely loving the velvet bandeau and high waisted undies. Seriously. Thanks for the link.

  2. One of my ways to cope with cold weather is what I call “lingerie layering”. This can include different combinations such as tap pants over briefs, camisole over a slip, and stockings or tights under pants. I found this pant liner from Farr West to be very useful in this regard
    and they also offer a shorter version that I like

    Just be aware that this method can be tricky when one has to constantly move between different environments, especially in NYC when you are out in the freezing street one moment and in a crowded, over-heated subway the next.

    This “lingerie philosophy” can be also applied to sleepwear, like wearing a silk slip under cotton pajamas, a short robe with long sleeves over a night gown, etc.

  3. I like, Maddie, am in Florida right now but I go to school in the frigid (30 degree below) North Country of New York! Honestly, I never thought of lingerie as being the base for layering — I usually start with leggings and a thin shirt — but these seem so cozy! The velvet set and jumper are wonderful, I definitely would curl up with long socks and tea.

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  5. Cashmere undies made me smile. I had something like boy-shorts made from fine wool when I was in school and they really helped with very cold days, but I was always wearing them over cotton panties. So, bravo Sartoria!

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