Lingerie Review: Dear Kate Ms. Moxie Hipster


When the founder of Dear Kate offered me the opportunity to try some of her new knickers, I jumped at the chance. I was definitely excited to put this new, advanced underwear to the test. The first thing you notice about recieving a box of Dear Kate knickers in the mail is how adorable the packaging is. I love good packaging– and the design of this is stellar. I love the little note they put in there that really gives you a sense of the voice behind the knickers and the experience they are supposed to give you.


The Ms. Moxie hipster panties are cute– not necessarily a design that I would  go out of my way for, but definitely pretty and serviceable. I really like the white and black combination with the pink accent because it’s very easy to match with a white lace or black silk bra. I was thinking of trying the Ms. Moxie high rise because I am definitely getting into high-waisted knickers, but that isn’t really compatible with workout gear (which is one place I wanted to try the panties).

I decided to test the panties out by wearing them at work (while on my period) and to the gym. I have to say, they were very comfortable and did make me feel very secure throughout the day. I wore a size M and was very happy with the fit. The fabric did feel dry and sweat-wicking even when I was working out quite intensely.


All in all, I was much happier with them that I necessarily expected. While I probably wouldn’t have bought them if Dear Kate hadn’t kindly gifted them to me, I am definitely glad I have them now. It is nice to have a pair of knickers that you know will make sure there are no embarrassments and it’s the kind of security I could get used to. Definitely thinking of getting myself a second pair!

What do you think? Could you use some Dear Kate knickers?

  1. I could certainly use some. I’m so tired of throwing messed up undies out after soaking them and the stain refuses to come out. Thought maybe it was the pad but guess it could be the underwear. Thanks for the helpful review.

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