Is Working Out One of Your New Year’s Resolutions? You Might Need One of These Kickass Sports Bras

So, working out and getting healthy are often cited as major new year’s resolutions. Whether you are making an extra effort for the new year or are continuing on your usual routine, refreshing your workout wardrobe can always make you look and feel better– especially sports bras!

For a long time I only wore the most basic, boring Nike or Champion sports bras and suffered through the fact they they were neither particularly comfortable or very stylish. I’m done with that attitude though, because I’ve found that wearing the right attire can make all the difference in both motivation and comfort when you’re working out. Although working out wasn’t one of my personal resolutions, I still want everything on this list! Check out my favorite sports bras that are comfortable, attractive and let you work your body out as hard as you can (however that may be).

Michi Bionic Bra (Deep Indigo) $95.00

I’ve told you how much I like Michi before and I will say it again. If I wore this sports bra, I would certainly be the most stylish lady at the gym. I would love to pair them with the high-waisted Michi leggings for the perfect look.

Panache Underwire Sports Bra, $68

The amazing reviews of this Panache bra are a big reason I put this bra on the list, but I also absolutely love the way it looks. It’s only available in DD+ sizes, but its incredible stylishness makes me wish they made it in small sizes too!

LUCAS HUGH Liberty city-print sports bra, $170

I love the city print on this Lucas High sports bra because it’s so different and interesting. I’m a city girl at heart anyway, so it’s extremely appropriate to wear skyscrapers on a sports bra. I can’t say that the style looks particularly revolutionary, but there is no reason to totally discard the classics.

BodyRock Bespoke Sports Bra $228

The BodyRock sports bra above is only an example– the great thing is that you can order your bra completely customized! With their wild colors and patterns, this is for someone who has looked at their sports bras and said, “You  know, these just look too safe and boring to express my funky personality!”

Lululemon Contentment Triangle bra, $48

This Lululemon bra is not one with a lot of control, but as a small-busted person who has more problems with too much control than not enough, I’m definitely in favor of this sports bra. I love the soft heather gray stripes and the yellow straps are an unusual and pretty combination.

Pull-in Jogger Miam, $39.99

I’ve never been one for austerity, so a cupcake patterned sports bra seems pretty perfect. Be warned: if you prefer to work out without a layer on top, you may get a few longing looks from your fellow gym goers who are distracted by the deliciousness on your bra.

One thing I love about this list is that it is the lingerie you can wear to be tough and strong and active– I hope you use it to literally kick some ass!

  1. Whoa! I hadn’t seen the teal Panache bra yet. Oh dear. I love it! The Michi bra is also amazing. Sometimes at the gym I try to pretend I’m an action hero to power through it, and I think one like that would help the fantasy enormously.

  2. I’m a 34F / 34FF UK, 34Gish US, and my real rib measure is more like 32.5, so I can ONLY wear the kind of thing that was easy to get in the UK, and a total. Fucking. Bitch. to get here. Note that Panache is not a US brand. I am so glad you posted this, I’m gonna put that one on my wish list. I love your blog but, cool as it is, find myself reacting the way I do to a lot of stuff I see – having the feeling of looking in another universe, because there is no way in hell I can wear most of what you put up, unless it’s panties. When those kinds of bras come in bigger sizes, they’re useless to me, because they’re generally just bigger bands/smaller cups, which does not the work. What I would LOVE to see would be a vintage-y sexy lingerie brand, including bras that are like unstructured silk edged with lace, and not made for support in particular, just for showing off (and minimal support, I guess, like bikinis), that can be worn by women with small back/big bust ratios. I have a couple of girlfriends who are like 28Es, when measured properly, and who also struggle like nuts to find stuff that works… Blah blah blah the point is, THANKS FOR THAT PANACHE BRA!! Warranted a comment from Booby McChesty, ahem!

    • Thanks so much for your comment! Panache is not a US brand (most large cup brands are not) but they are carried by a lot of US retailers, such as Nordstroms, Figleaves, Herroom, ASOS & others– all shops that sell to the US. I know it can be frustrating to be outside the core sizes! There are a lot of blogs that focus specifically on larger bust sizes (with a mixture of larger and smaller backs)– given that I’m small-busted myself, I don’t have a lot of expertise on this issue, so I tend not to focus on it. I recommend you try Invest in Your Chest, Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust, Undercover Lingerista, Undiegamer, Sweet Nothings, and The Full-Figured Chest as a start– they have excellent blogs that specifically deal with bras/clothes for fuller busts.

      Good luck! If you are looking for relatively unstructured lace/silk bras in larger sizes, I know that Mimi Holliday does them– not particularly vintage-y, but you could check them out. Dottie’s Delights will do custom vintage inspired lingerie in larger bust sizes. Otherwise, I recommend you check out those other bloggers’ reviews for more ideas.

  3. *I am at this very moment wearing my gladiator/Walkyrie Enell bra, brand new from Xmas, which is the necessary sort of thing for running, plyo, kickboxing, some dancing, etc. It’s sort of cool that it looks like a cyborg, BUT THEN AGAIN NOT. At least it’s black…

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