London Lingerie Shopping Guide, Part 2: Rigby and Peller, Kiss Me Deadly and Selfridge’s

This is the second installment of my London lingerie shopping guide, including my visits to Rigby &Peller, Kiss Me Deadly and Selfridge’s. If you want to read more, check out my previous post about Carine Gilson, Agent Provocateur and Fifi Chachnil.

(As a note before this begins, I should say that it actually started raining in earnest by the time I got to this round of shops, which, as well as my own tiredness, meant that I didn’t take quite so many pictures. I’m using the product shots or images by the brand where illustration & I didn’t do a photo is necessary.)

Rigby & Peller

Rigby & Peller, 2 Hans Rd. Knightsbridge SW3 1RX

Although there are several Rigby & Peller locations in London, I chose the one in Knightsbridge across from Harrod’s for its convenience. I went in and debated whether I should get fitted– as it’s the thing to do there, apparently– but in the end I decided I would look around and see if there was anything that caught my eye first. In general, there wasn’t really anything that got me too excited, but there was one cute Aubade bra I thought I would try. I ended up not getting fitted because I was tired and a wee bit grouchy so didn’t feel like getting all measured and discussing bra sizing too much. It ended up that they didn’t have the bra I liked in a 34B, I tried the 34C (it was too large) and I called it a day. All in all, Rigby & Peller didn’t feel particularly fashionable or interesting as lingerie establishments go.

Kiss Me Deadly/ Paolita

Kiss Me Deadly/ Paolita 18 New Quebec Street, W1H 7RX London

Kiss Me Deadly shares a boutique with Paolita, but since my brain wasn’t really in a swimwear space, I am only going to talk about the Kiss Me Deadly bit. It was really cool to see all these different lingerie pieces that I had only seen before on the internet and I was really excited to try some out! I was drawn first to the longline girdles because I have been dying to try them out. Unfortunately, they didn’t work for me at all! I realized that I was much too short-waisted for the longline girdle to sit properly. I then tried a roll-on girdle, which was a much better length, but didn’t really create the shape I was looking for (I liked the stronger panel at the front of the longline for flattening purposes).


Selfridge’s was the only department store I visited and right before Christmas is probably not the best time because it was absolutely packed! Despite this, the lingerie department was sufficiently gorgeous for me to forget any of that. It just makes me so sad that we have nothing like that in New York. Honestly, all of our department stores, as lovely as they are, have pretty pitiful lingerie offerings. I was so happy to get to see so much lingerie in person I had only see pictures of!

Atsuko Kudo Latex, Selfridge's

Atsuko Kudo Latex, Selfridge’s

I ended up trying on a Bordelle Sub Angela dress in a size L, which fitted well through the body (although the shop assistant had to help me zip it), but was way, way too large in the bust. The shop assistant was very keen though, and tried to convince me that I should get it anyway– and also that I could wear it as a dress to go out, which was definitely not something I was ever prepared to do. Needless to say, I did not get it.

Bordelle, Selfridge's

Bordelle, Selfridge’s

Finally, my day of lingerie shopping was over and I was exhausted, but happy. I did not manage to go to several lingerie shops that I had wanted to, including What Katie Did, Playful Promises, The Lingerie Collective, Dolci Follie and Coco de Mer (I know, that’s a lot!). Oh well, I guess that’s why I have to go back soon.

Are there any places you would recommend for next time? Have you had any experiences at these retailers?

  1. we went to the launch of Dita Von Teese range, Von Follies at Debenhams on Oxford Street. Whilst not the best lingerie department her range was lovely. on the same side of the road nearer to Oxford Circus tube station is another nice lingerie shop but I can’t remember the name of it!!! For stockings their is a fab Italian shop, Sloane Square end of Kings Road.

  2. So nice to catch a glimpse of these lovely places I’ve only read about! And you’re right: NYC department store lingerie departments could really use some tough love, from the selection to the size ranges to the fitting to the decor. So glad you had such a great opportunity!

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  4. Such a pity about the longline girdles. I’ve been seriously tempted in the past, but I’m fairly short waisted as well.

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