The Lingerie Lesbian’s Top 10 Favorite Posts of 2012

I have just updated my Most Popular Posts page, but I thought that to bid goodbye to 2012 I would make a post featuring my own favorite posts of 2012. These were not necessarily the most popular (although some were) but they were the ones that I liked the most. If you want to go back and get a refresher, please do! I put short explanations of why I liked them so much, also.

Why I Love Lingerie

This post was my first major post on the site and it got reposted on Jezebel and I thought I was going to die of excitement. I’m still pretty proud of it.

Calling Out the Lingerie Industry: Beige is not Nude

This post should really be recycled every few months because I see ‘nude’ being used way too often.

Why it Matters that I’m the Lingerie Lesbian

I really just wrote this post for myself, to explain a lot of the feelings I was working out about how important it was to me that I call myself “The Lingerie Lesbian.”

8 Tips on How to Wear Lingerie for your Boyfriend or Girlfriend (or Other)

This was such a fun (and popular!) post. I’m planning on doing a refresh in the new year with more tips and new ideas– a little more ‘advanced’ this time.

A Relationship in Lingerie: 6 Stages

I liked this post so much! I’m not sure you guys felt the same way. I still enjoy looking back at it because I think the different stages are entertaining.

Lingerie Androgyny? When Lingerie Doesn’t Mean Femininity

This is another post that is due for an update. I’ve seen a bunch more androgynous lingerie recently, I think it needs to be shared because it is so hard to find.

Why Introverts Love Lingerie

I liked how many of you knew what I was talking about! Introverts and lingerie are a match made in heaven.

Do I Want to Try to be a Lingerie Designer?

I really like this post because of all the awesome comments more than anything I actually wrote. You guys had some wonderful feedback and commentary that I definitely took to heart.

Why Does the Agent Provocateur AW12 Collection Look so Familiar? You’ve Seen it All Before

This is really the only post that goes anywhere near ‘investigative journalism’ but I’m really proud of it because of that.

The Art of Lingerie: Jean-Honoré Fragonard

I really enjoy doing the “Art of Lingerie” series and I think this is my most successful one. Look out for more next year.

Honorary Mention:

Diversity Is More Than a Bra Size: What It’s Like to Be a Lesbian in the Lingerie Industry
My guest post on The Lingerie Addict! So many wonderful responses to this one, of course it’s a favorite.

Which was your favorite post of 2012?

  1. Just wanted to acknowledge the very important contribution of this blog to the world of lingerie, and humanity in general.
    Yeah, I know, sounds very bombastic, but your fresh ideas, outlook, and artistic approach bring a whole new meaning to the subject.

    I’m certainly not an authority, but if there was such a thing then you are my choice for the “Lingerie Rookie of the Year” award.

  2. I know I’ve said it before, but I am so glad you decided to expand your Tumblr blog into a blog-blog this year. I love your voice and the perspective you’re bringing to the lingerie conversation is long overdue.

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