Thanksgiving: What this Lingerie Blogger is Thankful For

This is my ideal Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, my meal will be a bit more clothed & sedate.

We don’t usually do the traditional “what I’m thankful for” speech in my family. I think we all just like it to be implicit and enjoy sharing the holiday with each other (and avoiding any cooking-related mental breakdowns if possible). However, this year is different– this year I want to share some of my thanks with all of you.

Every single person who has even glanced at my blog just makes me happy. I love that people are reading & thinking about what I wrote and sharing something that I absolutely love with me: lingerie. I need to give a special mention to all the commenters– every time I see that someone has commented on any of my articles, I brighten up and rush over to see what you have to say. And often you guys make me smile, laugh or even think. Thank you!

(To the spambots out there who make me think I have a comment when it’s just nonsense– I still don’t like you.)

I also want to thank anyone who follows my blog, whether on WordPress, by email, on twitter, tumblr or facebook. It’s good to know that you want to get the updates & see what new things I have to say.

Another big thank you goes to all my lingerie bloggers! Geeking out about lingerie with you is the best, and you’re always turning me on to new brands or new ideas or just making me smile. And even if you’re not strictly a lingerie blogger, but you talk to me about lingerie, you hold a special place in my heart. (I’ve met some of you lingerie bloggers and lingerie designers in the real world, not just online, and I’d love to keep doing that because it is always both fun and interesting to chat with you guys.)

Thanks to lingerie designers for making beautiful, cool, weird, sexy pieces that keep me engaged and excited every day. I can’t wait to see what you come up with between now and next Thanksgiving!

Oh and thanks to lingerie: your wonderful frilliness and prettiness is why I even write this blog in the first place :).

What lingerie-related things are you thankful for?

  1. I am thankful for the beauty, inspiration, mystery, and totally thrilling geek outs it brings to my life!!! It is yet another tool in learning the art of seduction and self-love. I love it, I love reading about it, and I love knowing I have a whole community of fellow lingerie lovers out there in the world. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. And special thanks to you for spreading the love and appreciation for lingerie, often doing so from very unique and unexpected angles. Have a great holiday and keep up this great blog.

    Lingerie forever!

  3. Dear LL – your space here is one of the most special, unique and absolutely necessary places in the whole knickerverse. You remind me why I love lingerie, and you definitely whisper to the lesbian within me (we must all have just a little of her, musn’t we??? …)

    Thanks m’dear… keep the lovin coming :)

  4. just found this blog and loving it! I really want to know what this model is wearing (the rose themed one-piece in the first pic). Thanks!

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