Fleur du Mal Lingerie Launch Party

Last week I went to to the absolutely gorgeous Fleur du Mal launch party– I’m kicking myself that I didn’t bring my proper camera (my phone didn’t really cut it) because I would have love to have shared some of my pictures from the event with you all. Luckily, Hannah from The Fashion Hash is lending me some gorgeous ones– check out the rest on her blog here.

It was also great that it was right after my guest post on The Lingerie Addict was posted because I heard a lot of really interesting perspectives and thoughtful opinions that reminded me why people in lingerie are awesome (people in the industry, that is, not people in their knickers– they are awesome in different ways).

A gorgeous turquoise Fleur du Mal bra  (courtesy of The Fashion Hash)

Now let’s get to the lingerie. The lingerie pieces were all very pretty and classic. I was surprised (and very happy) to see that turquoise was the color they chose to break up the black & pink that governed the majority of the pieces. Turquoise is a weakness of mine– I already have 2 lacy turquoise lingerie sets. The ethos of the lingerie in many ways mirrored that of the more traditional/less bondage-inspired Kiki de Montparnasse pieces (which Fleur du Mal designer Jennifer Zuccarini co-founded).

Fleur du Mal Pleated Tulle Bodysuit

The idea to combine ready-to-wear with lingerie was a very interesting one, reminding me of Jason Wu’s collaboration with La Perla in his SS13 collection (one of my favorite fashion collections ever). I’m hoping that in future seasons of Fleur du Mal there will be even more integration between lingerie and outerwear– the dividing line between the two was quite clear throughout.

Although the lingerie was very pretty, my three stand-out pieces were all from the ready-to-wear portion of the collection. The pleated bodysuit (and coordinating dress) have the most gorgeous mesh pleating in the front, which instantly drew me in. Plus, the high-necked shape with a bow at the neck is one that I love as being both austere and girly.

Fleur du Mal black pleated bow dress (courtesy of The Fashion Hash)

I also really liked a couple of the leather pieces, including the leather corset (a collaboration with Cadolle) and the dress with a leather top and delicate, white maxi skirt bottom. They were on opposite ends of the spectrum in shape and overt sexuality, but I could actually see myself wearing both.

Cadolle + Fleur du Mal black leather corset

Another interesting thing about Fleur du Mal is the fact that they are really focusing on doing a new kind of e-commerce experience. I recommend you go over to their site and then come back and let me know what you think. Their focus is on creating an editorial experience that you can shop from, using the diamond shaped hotspots as cues that you should roll over for more information. Plus, they don’t just sell the lingerie– you can click to buy almost anything featured in their images.

Fleur Du Mal homepage

I’m a bit of an e-commerce nerd, so I’m very excited to see where this method takes Fleur du Mal, especially because they are focusing so much on the online experience as opposed to physical storefronts. Time will tell whether they’ll be able to educate shoppers on their method and whether they will have enough evergreen and updating content to keep the shopper coming back for more and viewing it as an interesting destination in and of itself (in the style of Net-a-Porter’s weekly magazine).

What do you think of the design of this new lingerie brand and their new e-commerce approach?

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