The 7 Lingerie Patterns I Really Want to Make This Winter

So, I’ve decided to seriously try to make some of my own lingerie this winter. I’ve been finding a bunch of wonderful patterns out there– it’s hard to decide which ones I should make! I made a list of the top 7 lingerie patterns I really want to try. And maybe this will prompt some of you to try to make some lingerie too?

AtelierJoy Kimono Pattern and Tutorial $9.13

I adore this robe pattern and I also really want a fancy new robe. I’m looking forward to finding exactly the right silk. (I’m sincerely hoping this isn’t beyond my skill level.)

Merckwaerdigh bra pattern, $15

I’m making a Merckwaerdigh bra pattern right now and I’ve been having some luck with it (any non-luck has been my fault, not the pattern). This is the other pattern I think I might want to try because I really like the shape of the cups.

Girly Knits Knitting is Awesome Purple Hipster Panties Pattern, $5

You don’t know how excited I was when I saw these. They combine so many of my favorite things! Knitting. Knickers. Words. An exclamation point! They also look very cozy for winter time. This is the one thing on this list I absolutely cannot miss.

Laughing Moon Dore Corset Pattern, £12

These photos aren’t incredible, but I am really excited to make a corset. This pattern above is from SewCurvy, who has a bunch of patterns and corset kits– I think I’m going to try one soon! (I’m a sucker for anything with the word ‘kit’ in the title– blame it on a childhood awash with crafts).

1930’s French Slip with Zig Zag Lace Insets Pattern, $7.50

Now, the one thing that is incredibly easy to find out there are vintage slip patterns. I have seen so, so many of them. None of them, however, have been as awesome as this reproduction because they lacked zig-zags. I never realized how much better zig-zags make everything until I laid eyes on this pattern.

Bettiemarie Peepshow Panties Pattern, $10

My recent obsession with ouvert knickers means that I couldn’t resist this pattern. And it has a giant bow! There may be an explosion of ouvert knickers in my house very soon.

Bathing Suit Beach Coat & Hat Sewing PATTERN 7815 VOGUE Uncut, $135

Isn’t this pattern just gorgeous? I know it’s for a bathing suit, which is not exactly lingerie, but close enough. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be making this pattern any time soon because it costs $135, which is more than I usually pay for a complete bathing suit. I think I’ll have to wait until I see a similar reproduction pattern around or until I get a vintage pattern fairy godmother. (The hat is also awesome.)

Now I’m just itching to start sewing. Do any of you have lingerie sewing plans?

  1. yay, sewing!
    I love sewing, I’m on a corset for a friend right now and I desperately need a plain black corset for myself too.
    But I totally lost it with the knickers! OMG! I’m a knitaholic and I will so make these and give it to my friends as christmas presents! aahhhhhh so great!

    If you encounter any questions with your corsets feel free to drop me a message, I’ve sewn my share and maybe I can help :)

    xoxo Denocte

    • The panties are so cute aren’t they? Such a good project. I will definitely email you if I get hopelessly lost in this corset activity– I can be over estimate my ability to handle complex instructions (I almost lost my mind when I was trying to do complicated origami when I was 10) and it’s nice to have someone to turn with the questions I will inevitably have!

  2. I’ve been debating about this for a couple months or so now….Can I make my own bras??? I think the trouble I have is that I can’t find the right grade of underwire anywhere! That and there’s no real pattern for a UK J cup, haha. I figure if anything, I’ll deconstruct one of my current bras when it wears out completely, to use for a pattern. Until then…I’m working on sewing a red infinity dress…

    • I’ve heard that making DD+ bras are really hard– I will definitely be waiting before I give that a try. Deconstructing your own bra and using the underwires sounds like a good idea! You should definitely blog about it if you do, it sounds like a cool project.

  3. I wish I liked sewing more. I can get into small hand sewn projects, things like cellphone cases, small bags, etc. but a whole bra is unfortunately something I don’t think I’d have the patience to finish. Let me know if you ever accept commissions, cause I’d love to wear a Lingerie Lesbian original 😛

    • Agreed! When you feel like you’re comfortable and confident in your sewing, you should start an Etsy store or something. I’d love to wear one of your designs; I especially loved the post where you showed pictures from your sketchbook. I’d buy something just to support you, if nothing else!

  4. YES to the zigzag insert slip… what a fun and unusual design! How would you go about doing the corset? That seems difficult, but bravo to you for taking on this new hobby!

  5. OMG the knitted knickers. So, so freaking adorable. It honestly never occurred to me to make my own lingerie, but those ouvert knickers might be changing my mind. I can’t wait to hear reports on these projects! And yes, that zig zag slip is so lovely and so unique. You’re going to have such a knock-out lingerie collection!

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