Trend of the Week: Lingerie in Chains

I love chains. There, I’ve said it. I love this trend because of all the different ways that chains adorn lingerie, running the gamut from intense bondage to delicate jewelry (and sometimes balancing both at once).

Maison Close Belle de Nuit Push-Up Bra $100, Garter Belt $100, Naked Panty $58

The glittery chains on this Maison Close set are just so pretty. Chains have a reputation for being tough and badass, but I love these chains that make delicate jeweled fringes. This may not be the most practical set, but I absolutely adore it.

Lascivious Cara Bra £124

This Lascivious set with its chain print actually reminds me of an Agent Provocateur set printed with barbed wire from a few seasons ago that I absolutely loved. I think that the print giving an illusion of toughness is such a great paradox for this delicate lingerie.

Wolford Satin Chain Tights, $330

I admit, I can’t quite think of a situation in which someone could wear these incredible Wolford tights, but I would love to see someone try it. The chains are so intricate, it’s like a net, and definitely projects that the legs wearing these tights are some of the coolest ones around.

Free People Metal Chain Bra, $300

Is it strange that this Free People bra reminds me of chain-mail? In the best way possible? I imagine whoever is wearing this would be some sort of dragon-defeating knight in shining armor. Although perhaps they wouldn’t actually wear this bra into battle.

Lola Haze Web of Seduction Body Chain $189

I think it’s perfect that the name of this Lola Haze body chain is “Web of Seduction.” I love that you can wear this as underwear or outerwear and ensnare anyone you please.

Nearer the Moon Balcony Bra with Gold Chains, £50

In this Nearer the Moon bra, the chains are a small but enchanting detail that turns out to make this bra feel fresh and original. Nearer the Moon does such a good job at using traditional details in new and interesting ways, I love it.

Fraulein Kink Tease Me Playsuit €435.00

This ‘Tease Me’ playsuit from Fraulein Kink is the perfect combination of bondage and delicacy that really inspired this post. I would love to wear a set like this as outerwear, but I don’t know if I am quite that daring!

Which is your favorite use of chain details?

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  2. I’m not really sure about all this chain stuff. It looks like something you may see on models during a fashion show of some sort, but actually wearing it is a totally different thing.
    And wearing a delicate and somewhat limiting play suit worth 435 euros may get the fun out of the play, especially if you rip something during and then start thinking of an excuse to return it…

  3. Hey! I’ve just spent the past two hours (at least) reading this entire site, and I’ve been absolutely floored by how awesome and thorough your reviews are. I was wondering if you could do something specifically about bondage-themed lingerie, in the style of your posts on androgynous lingerie? Your posts on androgynous lingerie were really helpful and inspiring, and I think a bondage-themed one would be too. Thanks!

    • I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my blog so much! I can definitely do a round up of bondage-inspired lingerie– there is a lot of awesome stuff out there! Thanks for the suggestion.

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