Happy Election Day!

Hanky Panky Election Thongs

If you’re an American citizen, today’s the day we get to vote in the presidential election (as well as all local and statewide elections). So, please go out and be a responsible citizen and cast your vote (and 100 points for anyone wearing one of these Hanky Panky thongs that matches their party affiliation).

My special plea:

Please, please vote for Barack Obama. If you’re going to do anything today, do that for me. And if you’re in a state with a gay marriage ballot initiative (Washington, Maryland, Maine), remember to vote for gay rights. If Mitt Romney wins this election (God forbid) I will be doing a lot of sobbing.

Edited: And I forgot Minnesota! (sorry). Remember to vote “No” on Amendment 1!

  1. Great! Possibly the only lingerie blog that does not shy away from politics. I’m in Washington, one of the three states you’ve mentioned as voting on the issue of same-sex marriage (and probably the one that has the best chance of passing it). Needless to say, my vote was in favor of both that measure as well as the current president.

    Earlier today I got a bottle of wine to celebrate with friends later tonight, or just in case I need to drown my sorrow on my own while wearing the “Oh Romeo” sweater mentioned in the “Breakup” section of the previous “Relationship in Lingerie” post.

      • The Prez has prevailed and looks like so did R-74, the same-sex marriage referendum in my state. I am about to start celebrating with a glass of wine while wearing the revised Wildfox ‘Romeo Romeo’ lounge shirt from your previous post, which now comes with a new print that says: “Oh Romeny-o”,

        Versatile indeed!

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