Lingerie Review: Mimi Holliday Frappe Bra and Boyshort

Mimi Holliday has been a brand I have really wanted to try for at least a year because I love the sophisticated girliness of their designs and their cup styles have always seemed absolutely perfect for a small-busted girl such as myself. Plus, I adore their combinations of satin and eyelash lace. Unfortunately, I had tried on a Mimi Holliday bra at Journelle a month or so ago and it didn’t fit right at all, which made me afraid that these gorgeous bras were never going to work for me (a terrible lingerie fear!). However, when I saw this Frappe Plunge Push-up style in a flash sale on MyHabit, I let my risk-taking spirit take the better of me and ordered it anyway. And I am so glad that I did.

Honestly, I’m not sure I have ever worn a bra that fit me so perfectly as this one. It is absolutely gorgeous. I should point out that I got a 34B, not my usual 34A after reading that their cup sizes run small and that was definitely a good idea. Another thing to keep in mind is that the briefs run very small– I bought these in a size L and they fit perfectly although I am usually a S/M. The reason for this can be explained in the fact that the waistband is the only stretchy portion of these panties; the lace has no stretch at all and wearing too-small underwear with zero stretch is not even possible, let alone comfortable.

All that being said, I found these panties incredibly flattering. A key detail that I definitely wanted to photograph is the adorable tiny bow above this peekaboo hole in the boyshort. I have to say, my feelings on my butt have always been rather agnostic– but after wearing these panties I was firmly assured that it is pretty darn cute.

In these photos, the color seems almost to glow– it’s not really that vibrant to the naked eye, but for some reason the combination of morning sunlight and bright pink satin make the images almost psychedelic. Well, I hope you’re not to upset about the inaccuracy as that’s not an entirely incorrect assessment of how this lingerie actually makes me feel :).

Do any of you guys have any Mimi Holliday? How have you liked it?

  1. Jeez, Mimi Holliday bras are so flipping gorgeous. I’ve had sizing uncertainties with them too, but I’d love to own a full set one day. The lace is just so stunning and the designs are so, so sexy. Your set is beautiful!

    • Thanks! I really recommend them if you have a chance to try on different sizes and see which fits (despite the sizing weirdness). Definitely candy colored :)

  2. Pretty! I’ve run into similar sizing issues with Mimi Holliday, so they’re not a brand I wear but I’m glad you’ve found success with them.

    • Thanks! Does the sizing really turn you off? I am usually fine with even this kind of bizarre sizing as long as I find a size that fits me, no matter what the number/letter combination.

  3. We carry Mimi Holliday and we can confirmed that the plunge style cup come small and our costumes tend to go up one cup. The back size on the other side come bigger so many of our costumer go for a smaller back size. I understand it can be confusing but Mimi Holliday is one of our best selling brand with its lovely colours and laces!

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  8. Hi I know this is an old post, but I have a few questions you may be able to answer. I like to go digging through the interwebs and find last season (or last-last season) lingerie for a steal. I love Mimi Holliday’s Frappe collection. So. Much.

    I’m in the market for panties to match the bra. I have a 28 inch waist and 38 inch hips. I already own a Mimi Holliday chiffon bow back thong in small that fits fine, and I tried on a classic knicker in chiffon once and small was definitely the right size. Should I still size up because this panty is in lace instead of chiffon? Or should I still be looking for smalls because of my past experience? I know the reasonable thing to do would be to try stuff on in stores, but Mimi Holliday is near impossible to find in stores in the U.S. Thanks!

    • I think that if you usually fit into a size small you could go for that, although I have very similar measurements (~29″/38″) and I liked the size L! I think that we all have different ways we prefer knickers to fit. Personally, I find it easier to wear knickers that are slightly on the larger size, but some people can’t bear anything that’s even slightly too big!

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