{LGBT History Month} Lingerie Inspired by Sappho

In order to celebrate LGBT History Month (every October!), I thought I would do a few fun lingerie picks each week inspired by my historically queer forebears (metaphorically speaking). Naturally, the first one I chose was Sappho, as you really can’t even use the word lesbian without referring to her, the original “Lesbian” (she lived on the Greek island of Lesbos). Very little is known about her and so she really comes down to us as more of a myth than a real person. The few scraps we do have are some of her beautiful poetry. I have had a chance to study some of her works in translation and they are really lovely; the only reason I would want to learn to read Ancient Greek is for Sappho. If you’re interested, you can read H.T. Wharton’s translation of Sappho here.

Choosing the lingerie I would feature for the theme of Sappho wasn’t difficult because I’ve always had a specific idea of her in my head. I hope that these pieces convey the partcular way she figures in my imagination.

Golden Lingerie Robe

Lalilouche Goldie Grecian Maxi Gown, $225

This Lalilouche gown is exactly what I first thought of when I was trying to imagine what lingerie inspired by Sappho would look like. The Grecian elements of this gown make it perfect for Sappho and the shimmering golden color is so lovely.

Ell and Cee Oyster Luxe Playsuit, £79.50

This Ell and Cee playsuit has such a delicate lightness that for me fits so well with the climate of Lesbos and the elegance of her verse.

And a soft [paleness] is spread over the lovely face.
(Translation by H. T. Wharton)

Marika Vera SELENE Silk Chiffon Kimono Robe, $650

I love the majesty of this Marika Vera robe, both flimsy and grand, fitting for such an icon.

Zinke Dashboard Babydoll and Ruched Panty Set, $148

I know this Zinke babydoll isn’t quite like the others, but the terracotta color reminded me of Attic pottery and this piece felt a little bit more humble than the others, to fit the way Sappho’s poetry can be quite wonderful in its modesty at times.

– Maidenhood, maidenhood, whither art thou gone away from me!
– Never again will I come to thee, never again.
(Translation by H. T. Wharton)

I hope the lingerie has been able to communicate how Sappho feels to me better than my words have. Did my choices make sense to you? Also, if there is some other LGBT woman from history you really want me to feature, leave her name in the comments and I’ll see what I can do!

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    • Ooh, that is a really good idea. Thanks so much! I’ll think about whether to do her this month or next month when I’m going to start a “art and lingerie” series… (haven’t told anyone about that yet!)

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