Scanties Soundtrack: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Now, I have an undeniable soft spot for Taylor Swift. There is something about her simple lyrics and catchy melodies which always makes me smile. I don’t know if you’ve heard her latest single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” but it is so perfect for this column I knew I had to find the perfect matching lingerie piece. This song is just made for dancing around in your undies singing along.

Dirty Pretty Things Juliette Baby Doll, $338.90

I originally thought about matching the song with pyjamas or a romper, but then I saw this baby doll from Dirty Pretty Things and knew it was perfect. The giant rosebuds in the print are so sweet and girly, they fit well with the young, upbeat feel of the song (Oh, and the album’s called “Red” so naturally the fact that color features prominently in this baby doll just makes it perfect).

Look at the hilarious music video and tell me don’t just want to sing and dance along (also, I don’t know where to get her adorable pyjamas in the video, sadly):

Celebrate getting over a break up by singing the song in some killer lingerie, why don’t you :)

  1. Taylor Swift is my ultimate-dance-around-in-your-underwear-with-a-hairbrush-microphone choice. I feel like I should have outgrown her, but girlfriend writes some catchy tunes. I love this one!

  2. The roses print can also relate to an old early 70’s tune that starts with the line, “I beg your pardon, I never promised you a roses garden”.

    Now how about something blue to go with a bluesy tune? And yes, I’m still waiting for “purple Haze”.

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