Lingerie Review: Agent Provocateur Marriett Bra and Briefs

The embroidered mesh is just so pretty

I know that Agent Provocateur has a mixed reputation within the lingerie blogging community. As one of the most well known luxury lingerie brands (next to La Perla,  maybe) it has a lot to live up to as a representative of what luxury lingerie is. And truthfully, the quality of their materials and craftsmanship does not match that of some other brands where you are paying for the quality of the object itself than for the brand name. However, I do love some of their designs and I think they have an uncanny ability to channel both girlishness and sexiness is the same piece of lingerie, which is exactly what I found most enchanting about the Marriett Bra and Briefs.

Agent Provocateur Marriett Bra, $50 (on major sale)

I actually bought this set in an Agent Provocateur boutique, which is a bit of a deviation from my normal online route. The service was okay– not great, not terrible, but after I tried on this set, I knew I had to have it. I found that the cups run a little small– the B fit me perfectly even though I am usually an A. How darling are the little embroidered roses? And the sheer mesh just adds the right amount of sex appeal.

I am really not sure why it is that embroidery seems to have gone out of fashion– a few years ago, all the french brands had huge gorgeous embroidered flowers on them, but they seem to have moved back to a more pared down, single color aesthetic. Or maybe I just have been looking in the wrong places? I have my eye on some Simone Perele from a few years ago that have beautiful flowers on them.

Agent Provocateur Marriett Briefs, $50 (on sale)

Only caveat– the sheer mesh is definitely thin, so if you’re worried about nipple show through this would not be the right bra for you. Also, the mesh wasn’t quite as fine as i would have thought simply perfect. I will say though, I am so excited to wear this more– it’s really comfortable and definitely wearable under anything that doesn’t require an entirely smooth t-shirt bra.

I definitely would not have this bra if it were not for their huge annual sale– I admit, I’ve already got my eye on some pieces I hope go on sale next year! Have any of you had good or bad experiences with Agent Provocateur? Do you like their aesthetic?

      • They’ve always been really nice about questions and stuff. I’ve never bought anything for my wife there, unfortunately, but great designs and very funny.

  1. I love this set and wish I had bought it too – I was so tempted! The roses definitely create a nice balance between “pretty” and “sexy”. I really like the shape that many of my AP bras give, but like you pointed out, have noticed that the cups run a little small – something I have noticed even more often in recent collections too.

  2. I’ve had good experience with the quality of my AP bras (my favorite ones I’ve worn almost daily for nearly 5 years now), but the customer service online has always been so-so. The shipping is ridiculous, and doesn’t even include a return label. I liked visiting the boutique when I lived in LA, but that was a really long time ago. I’m sorry to hear that the service wasn’t very good for you. :(

    This bra is beautiful, by the way. I’m a huge fan of embroidery as well, and I only wish more lingerie came embroidered. I love the AP aesthetic, but I miss the edgier design of some of the older collections~

    • Thanks for your comment! I wouldn’t say the customer service was terrible, but I do expect a little bit more bowing and scraping for such a luxury product (a la the “sucking up” in Pretty Woman).

      I’m on a hunt for more pretty embroidered bras, also– if I find any good ones, I’ll let you know!

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