Book Review: How to Become a Lingerie Designer

How to Become a Lingerie Designer by Laurie van Jonsson, $9.99 for Kindle Edition

How to Become a Lingerie Designer by Laurie van Jonsson

As I have not (yet?) become a lingerie designer, I can’t tell you how accurate this book is. What I can tell you is that I very much enjoyed it. The author, Laurie van Jonsson, has designed lingerie for over 12 years and launched her own label, Vanjo. The balance of general overview and specific practical advice definitely seemed to offer some clear, actionable points for if I wanted to become a lingerie designer. This book has a ton of information in it and it is well organized if you want to dip back in and reread a specific passage.

One part I found particularly interesting was the history of lingerie in the 20th century, divided by decade. My knowledge of the history of lingerie was quite sketchy, but now I feel like I have a good jumping off place to explore the historical aspects more thoroughly.

An example of a basic working drawing from “How to Become a Lingerie Designer”

The book has a wide range of topics– from history to pattern grading to how to write a press release. I like how van Jonsson sticks to very useful, practical information. Given that this book was only published a few months ago, the information is likely to be very useful and accurate, but the specificity of the detail about where to get inspiration might lose value in a couple of years.

The interviews at the end of the book with different lingerie designers including Lorna Drew, Kriss Soonik, Claire Clavering of “Kiss me Deadly” and Ayten Roberts of “Ayten Gasson.” It was nice to have all these designers with diverse experiences in one place and looking at simply the varieties of their backgrounds.

As someone who loves lingerie but doesn’t necessarily know what they want to do about it yet, I found this book both interesting and inspiring. Dipping back into it for this review made me want to reread it!

Are any of you lingerie designers or thinking of it? Would you buy this book or have you read it?

  1. Does the book detail the sizing differences for cup and band sizes? I’m interested in making larger cup sized bras, with smaller bands. I’m not familiar with this woman, so I wouldn’t know if she has experience in plus size and larger cup size (there is a difference) lingerie.

    • The book talks about pattern making and grading in general terms– she doesn’t specifically address larger cup size and I think if you’re looking for patterns or tips specifically for that, you might want to get a book more focused on bra construction rather than more general stuff. She does give some book recommendations in there though, so if I see a good one I’ll let you know.

  2. If anyone’s interested, the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York still has its old student blogs, and two of the student bloggers were intimate apparel concentrators and one of them, Christina specialized in full figured intimate wear!

    • Thank you so much! I’m sorry I didn’t approve your comment for so long– my wordpress accidentally marked it as spam. I am so excited to read these– this is so relevant to my interests.

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